Monday, September 5, 2011


Di Venezia  - Turkey, provolone, pomodoro and lettuce dressed with pesto sauce on foccacia.           
Napolitano -  Mortadella, Genoa salami, pastrami and provolone with romaine lettuce and fresh tomato on Italian bread.           
Tuscany -  Roast beef, provolone, lettuce, tomato and garlic mayonnaise on your choice of bread.           
Ciciliano -  Roasted pimento misto, tomato, fresh basil, sprinkled with parmesean cheese.            
Tuna -  Albacore tuna blended w/ olive oil, olives, pimento, tomato, fresh mozzarella, garlic mayo and Italian spices on a croissant.           
Croissant Sandwich #1 -  Ham, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. (served cold)           
Croissant Sandwich #2 -  Turkey, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. (served cold)           
Dolamite -  Ham, brie, tomato, olives and pesto on foccacia.
Cubanito -  Ham, turkey, salami, Swiss cheese, mayonnaise, mustard and pickle on Cuban bread.
Club Wrap -  Turkey, ham, provolone, lettuce, tomato, red onion and mayonnaise in a garlic herb wrap.
Italiano Classico #1 -  Salami, fresh mozzarella, tomato, olive oil and oregano on foccacia.
Italiano Classico #2 -  Ham, fresh mozzarella, tomato, olive oil and oregano on foccacia.
Salmone Classico -  Smoked salmon, cream, red onion, tomato and capers on Ciabatta.
Bruschetta #1 -  Diced tomato, olive oil, oregano, black pepper and fresh mozzarella on one slice of ciabatta.
Bruschetta #2 -  Diced tomato, olive oil, oregano, black pepper, gorganzola, red peppers and capers on one slice of ciabatta.


Misto a la Forentins -  Salami, mortadella, pastrami, provolone, parmesean, fresh parsley and mozzarella w/ Italian bread.            
Caprese -  Marinated Roma tomato, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, oregano, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with ground pepper.            
Tuna Salad -  Tuna, lettuce, black olives, onion, olive oil, mayonnaise and spices.           
Caesar Tortellini -  Chopped romaine, cheese tortellini, dressing, sprinkled with asagio and parmesean.            


No additives, preservatives or artificial color.
100% Flavor - 94% Fat Free
Coffee, Coconut, Chocolate, Crème Caramel, Pistachio, Vanilla, Hazlenut, Tiramisu, Mint Chocolate Chip


Natural Fruit Flavors, 100% Fat Free - Flavors may change with availability of fresh fruit
Pineapple, Strawberry, Mango, Raspberry, Lemon, Cantaloupe, Alberta Peach, Key Lime, Manderin Orange, Banana

Fruit Chillers (Smoothies)

Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Raspberry, Lemonade, Piña Colada


Mocha Chillers

Cookies and Creme
Coco Loco
Raspberry Dazzle
Strawberry Twist

Cookie Chillers

White Chocolate Oreo
White Chocolate Caramel
White Chocolate Cherry
White Chocolate Almond
White Chocolate Strawberry

Specialty Chillers

Coffee Toffee Crunch
Swiss Orange Mocha
Madagascar Vanilla
Banana Berry Split
Mocha Coconut
Strawberry Vanilla
Vanilla Caramel
Chocolate Fudge

Over Ice

Cappuccino Chiller
Iced Mocha
Iced Americano
Iced Coffee
Iced Tea
Iced Latte
Iced Chai Latte

Hot Beverages

Espresso Bar

Brewed Coffee
Café Mocha
White Chocolate Mocha
Café au Lait
Café Americano

Expression Drinks

Mocha Coconut
Mon Cheri Mocha
Irish Nut Creme
Mocha Caramelatte
Vanilla Caramelatte
Swiss Orange Mocha

Tea & Cocoa
Hot Tea
Hot Chai Latte
Hot Cocoa

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Yes we are the same Gelato Café that was once in the Wolf Chase mall and before that next to Home Depot on Giacosa Place. Come try us again or for the first time. Same great service at the same great prices! Call us for lunch and we'll have it ready for you!
5985 Stage Rd Memphis Suite 9
Bartlett, TN 38134-8372

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